F0720 AuO - Medium 25.40ft³

The Coldtainer F0720 AuO Series is a versatile high-performing front-loading unit that is perfect for any number of industries. With it’s sleek and rugged design, iso-thermal triple insulated construction, and precise temperature control, the 0720 can store and deliver whatever product you need. Caterers will appreciate its ability to easily load and unload multiple food trays, while delivery and logistic operations can easily swap between vehicles. Enjoy instant and long-term cost savings with not only the unit’s eco-friendly low energy consumption, but also by avoiding expensive van conversions and liners. 

This Coldtainer model also includes an internal battery for autonomous operation, maintaining temperature for 8-10 hours on a single charge. Our F0720 AuO model comes in many versions, including a FDN version for the transport of frozen items, a XFDN version for the transport of deep frozen items, and a NDN version for the transport of refrigerated items. In addition, NDH and FDH versions include a cooling and heating system for the safe delivery of pharmaceutical and biological products under all environmental conditions.Our Coldtainers are active, mobile isothermal containers consisting of exceptional features for mobile delivery operations. We offer a 12V refrigerating unit, enabling the transport of perishable items at a specific and consistent temperature.

Available versions

  • Coldtainer Freezer with Heat
  • Coldtainer Freezer
  • Coldtainer Refrigerator with Heat
  • Coldtainer Refrigerator
  • FDH from +86F down to -11F+86F to -11F
  • FDN down to -11F to -11F
  • NDH from +86F down to +32F+86F to +32F
  • NDN down to +32F to +32F

F0720 AuO Accessories

Ac/Dc power supply 300W 560020/00


Ac/Dc supply power 600W 560021/00


HACCP bluetooth interface 510012/00


Shelf 180057/00


Tie down kit 850067/00


Internal fan kit 850068/01


Protection cover 850075/04


Advantages of the Coldtainer F0720


Front-opening refrigeration unit.


-11°F to +86°F (freeze-protection available on select models).


25 cubic feet (190 gallons).


3.9 inches of specialized industrial polyurethane offering perfect thermal insulation.


Coldtainer's advanced technology and manufacturing process ensures that each unit will consistently hold its internal temperature accurately down to the single degree.


From point-of-origin to delivery endpoint, the F0720 maintains an accurate temperature setpoint. And with the ability to easily switch the container between vehicles and power the unit from any outlet, you never have to take your products out until you're ready.


Each Coldtainer unit is created with our specialized rotational-molding manufacturing process, creating a single piece container without internal junctions or sharp corners for easy cleaning. With its sturdy construction and advanced engineering, your F0720 will serve you well for years to come.

Overall F0720 dimensions

You can download the pdf of internal and external dimensions for each F0720 model here. Please note that all technical drawing measurements are in centimeters. 

Product Dimensions F0720_FDH Product Dimensions F0720_FDN Product Dimensions F0720_NDH Product Dimensions F0720_NDN