Quality and Safety

Coldtainer has been designed to meet the highest and most stringent of standards. In fact, Coldtainer offers perfect thermal insulation, thanks to the consistency of the combination between the outer walls of the polyethylene containers (PE, food grade and resistant to UV rays) and the polyurethane foam insulation (PU) injected into the cavities.

Business Certification

ISO 9001:2015

Coldtainer is a company certified ISO 9001:2015 for the “Design and construction of mobile refrigerators for the transport of perishable goods and air conditioning systems for industrial and recreational vehicles”.

Transport of Medicinal and/or Biological Products

Coldtainer professional mobile refrigerators can also be used for the transport of pharmaceutical and/or biological products, but are not classifiable as “Medical devices” in their own and therefore are not subject to the specific norms and directives.

The use of Coldtainer professional mobile refrigerators makes it possible to comply with the provisions of the Guidelines of March 7th, 2013 on best practices for the distribution of medicinal products for human use, art. 9 (GDP).

  • For the transport of diagnostic or clinical samples inside the Coldtainer mobile refrigerators it is necessary to follow the UN 3373 technical specifications (biological substances, category B) and use a 3-level packaging system, with the secondary container certified according to ADR regulation.

Products Certification

E11 certified by VCA

Coldtainer professional mobile refrigerators are E11 certified by VCA according to the UNECE Regulation 10.04 (electromagnetic compatibility).

Many Coldtainer models are ATP approved.

  • ATP (ECE / TRANS / 271) is the international agreement concerning the transport of perishable foodstuffs and the means to be used for this transport.
  • All Coldtainer models from T0082 have been tested and classified as IR (reinforced insulation) according to ATP regulations.
  • All front opening models are ATP certificated as FRAX or FRCX class, depending on the version.

Compliance with Regulations

Directive 2002/72/EC

The plastic materials used to make Coldtainer containers are approved according to Directive 2002/72/EC on plastic materials and objects intended for contact with food and the following amendments (2004/1/EC, 2004/19/EC, 2005/79/EC, 2007/19/EC, 2008/39/EC, 975/2009/EC, 10/2011).

Coldtainer containers are designed and manufactured for use in compliance with the provisions of EC Regulation 852/2004, Annex I, Chapter IV, art. 1 and 7 (HACCP).