Perfect for any Delivery

Coldtainer portable containers are perfect for any delivery or transportation role where precise temperature control is required. Whether you are delivering flowers, frozen pet food, or hot catered food, Coldtainer can be specifically tailored to your industry or needs.

Coldtainer refrigeration units are durable and designed to withstand vibrations related to vehicle use. Coldtainer stand-alone containers are made from highly durable molded polyethylene and food-grade materials, are easy to clean and are in compliance with health and safety standards. Coldtainer also makes it easy to deliver items at different temperatures. If you have an insulated van or delivery vehicle, and you need to run more than one product temperature, adding a Coldtainer to the vehicle allows you to easily meet this need. The unit installs quickly and eliminates the need for costly custom insulated compartments or bulkheads. When it comes to multi-temperature requirements, we have you covered.

Stay Informed the Whole Trip

All Coldtainer temperature-controlled models feature an integrated battery monitor and a user-friendly digital display to view temperature and status, and for precise temperature set point control. The portable cooling containers also record temperatures and have a mobile Bluetooth capability for downloading data to meet recordkeeping requirements.

The optional Bluetooth EVlink mobile application allows you to connect your Coldtainer’s digital thermostat to a tablet or smart phone. This innovative solution allows you to check and change the operating parameters remotely. The app also provides real-time monitoring, and the ability to view and transfer temperature records.

You’ll never have to worry about the temperature being wrong for your delivery again.

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Edible Arrangements Coldtainer Delivery Floral Fresh Fruit Basket Refrigerated Transport Storage Van Reefer Curbside Service Vehicle Business Special Occasion Safe Food Cold

Deliver with Confidence

Flowers, desserts, edible arrangements. With precise temperature control, there are no worries or surprises. 

Delivery Van Coldtainer Frozen Fresh Hot Food Refrigerated Reefer Box Container Storage Van Conversion Vehicle Electric Food Safe Transport

Rugged Construction

The single body construction makes Coldtainers sturdy and resistant to the rigors of harsh daily use. 

Easy to Transport

Coldtainers come in top and front loading models, and fit light commercial vehicles of all sized businesses. 

Edible Arrangements Coldtainer Delivery Floral Fresh Fruit Basket Refrigerated Transport Storage Van Reefer Curbside Service Vehicle Business Special Occasion Safe Food Cold
Delivery Van Coldtainer Frozen Fresh Hot Food Refrigerated Reefer Box Container Storage Van Conversion Vehicle Electric Food Safe Transport

Any Industry

  1. Dairies
  2. Catering Companies
  3. Vending operators
  4. Restaurants
  5. Food wholesalers
  6. Home delivery 

Any Product

  1. Dairy 
  2. Hot foods
  3. Frozen foods
  4. Produce
  5. Seafood
  6. Beer and Wine

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Let’s talk! Coldtainer is a premier provider of both refrigerated and heated holding containers that are ideal for food, beverage, and medical storage on the go. If your business is in need of a temperature-controlled solution that will allow the safe delivery of food, biological substances, temperature-sensitive chemicals, or pharmaceuticals, then we can tailor a solution to your exact needs. Reach out today and let us know what you have in mind.

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With Coldtainer portable refrigerated containers we are saving between $7,000 and $9,000 per vehicle upfront compared to the cost of insulated, refrigerated vans. The units also lower our operating costs because they are installed in vans that that get much better fuel economy, and they are virtually maintenance free compared to refrigeration units. Coldtainer is the perfect solution to meet our temperature control needs.

Jehad Hannoush Multi-Unit Edible Arrangements Owner, Orlando, Florida

Coldtainer gives us the ability to keep expanding our business cost effectively and efficiently. With the portable container for transporting and storing frozen products we were able to open a ballpark concession stand, and at a much lower cost than for a frozen food truck. That’s capital we can use to grow our Italian ice franchises and our catering business for corporate events.

Gregory J. Rhoads Owner, Kool Beans Inc.

Coldtainer refrigerated containers allow us to transport products over longer distances in cargo vans for a lower capital investment, and with double the fuel economy for those vehicles at significantly reduced operating costs. Our maintenance costs are also lower than those for medium-duty trucks with coolers and cold plate refrigeration systems. The containers are easy to install and we can also easily move them to a different truck. Over time, we plan to add larger van models with Coldtainer units to our fleet.

John Nottingham Palace Vending

Compared to insulating a vehicle and upfitting it with a roof-mounted refrigeration unit, we spent $10,000 to $15,000 less on a standard van and a Coldtainer. The reliability of theportable container has also been great. We’ve never had an issue since we’ve owned it and it doesn’t require maintenance. The Coldtainer is a simple solution that meets our refrigerated and frozen transport needs at a much lower cost.

Bob Boyce Lil' Ponderosa Beef

With Coldtainer portable refrigerated units we are able to assure the integrity of the cooked food and fresh ingredients we transport and use at an off-site catering operation. We could purchase food from outside vendors or invest in a refrigerated truck but Coldtainers give us better control over schedules at a lower cost. The units made more sense because they’re perfect for what we do, and they give us the peace of mind that we’re providing the highest quality service.

Steven Maak Executive Chef , Levy Sports and Entertainment


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December 1, 2020

With the welcome news that multiple vaccines are in development for the Covid-19 pandemic, Coldtainer stands ready to assist any and all efforts to get these medicines to the people that need them. The vaccines’ distribution will be the next great challenge for the logistics world. The entire transport sector will be involved and Coldtainer’s GDP-compliant refrigerated isothermal containers are Read More

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As the world prepares to distribute a Covid-19 vaccine that is hopefully coming soon, medical delivery companies in Europe are already using Coldtainer refrigerated units to safely transport and store their valuable medicine and pharmaceutical supplies. With the ability to easily switch between vehicles, operate on normal wall or car 12 volt outlets, and offer rugged and durable perfect Read More

Coldtainer Success Story: Serendipity Farms

August 25, 2020

For Wendy and Dan Babcock and Serendipity Farms, offering fresh home delivery to their Northern Michigan customers is something that helps set them apart from the competition. Using all-organic methods, they raise pastured beef, pork, free-range chicken, turkeys, and fresh eggs. And as the only Northern Michigan farm to be Non-GMO Project Verified, the quality of their products, from farm to homeRead More

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