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What are Coldtainers?

Coldtainers are mobile active isothermal containers, with 12V refrigerating unit, used to transport perishable products at the right temperature, designed for professional operators.

What do the acronyms of the different models mean?

The first letter identifies the type of container: “F” for front opening or “T” for top loading version. The following four numbers indicate the gross internal volume in liters. The next three (or four) letters indicate the model version:

NDN models are for perishable product down to 32 degrees F

FDN are the models suitable for the transport of fresh and frozen products

XFDN are special deep freezing models.

The “NDH” and “FDH” models have automatic cooling/heating systems able to maintain the internal temperature constant regardless of the outside temperature. As an example, the F0720/FDH model is a front opening one, with an internal gross volume of 720 liters and the possibility to set the internal temperature between 86F to -11F.

Can the NDH and FDH Coldtainers be used to transport precooked food?

No, because an internal temperature higher than +65° C is required to transport precooked food to the distribution points. The NDH and FDH models are designed mainly for the transport of medicinal and biological products such as vaccines at +5° C or blood derivatives at +22° C even under extreme environmental conditions.

Can I use a Coldtainer freezer inside a refrigerated vehicle?

Yes, the use of Coldtainer freezer inside a class A isothermal van is the easiest and cheapest solution to start transporting at double temperature.

Coldtainer can maintain negative temperatures with low power consumption, without affecting the temperature of the main cold store.

How are Coldtainers made?

The containers are made with rotational molding technology, so as to have a single polyethylene hollow body, without joints, suitable for contact with food.

The polyurethane foam is injected into the cavity in order to provide thermal insulation. The type of construction allows to have an extremely solid container, but not rigid (unlike containers made of assembled glass fiber panels), capable of withstanding for years the vibrations related to the use on vehicles, even on difficult roads.

How do they work?

Coldtainers are equipped with refrigeration units provided with direct current (12V) compressors for specific use on vehicles. The BD series compressors have low power consumption and, unlike the compressors used in domestic refrigerators, are resistant to vibrations and can also work at angles up to 30°.

They must be connected to a power source, normally to the vehicle battery.

Is the standard vehicle battery sufficient to power the Coldtainers?

It depends on the model. For larger freezer models the minimum battery capacity must be at least 110Ah. The alternator must be sized accordingly.

The use of a second service battery, connected to the main one by an electronic charge separator, may be recommended.

Can the Coldtainer discharge the vehicle battery?

All Coldtainers are equipped with a protection system that stops the compressor if the voltage is too low and starts it again when the voltage returns to the minimum levels set (it performs a check every 60 seconds). But the protection does not cut off the power of the fans and thermostat that continue to absorb a small amount of current. Therefore it is always necessary to switch off the Coldtainer after use, by operating on the main switch.

Can Coldtainers be powered by the power grid?

Yes, ac/dc power supplies with 100-240Vac 50-60Hz input voltage are available as accessories, with CE, UL, CSA certifications.

What are the “AuO” models?

They are models with built-in battery and charger, designed for a completely autonomous use without the need to connect to the vehicle battery. The battery must be recharged from the mains before use.

How do I adjust the internal temperature?

Via the electronic thermostat installed on the control panel. The display shows the set temperature and then the actual temperature. The internal temperature in the various points may change, after the necessary stabilization, in a range of approx. ± 2° C from the one set.

But do Coldtainers work even at an ambient temperature of + 50° C?

Yes, the maximum ambient temperature is +55° C. At higher ambient temperatures the electronic control units of the compressors go into protection mode. Obviously, +50° C cooling performances can be lower than those expected at +32° C.

The minimum operating ambient temperature for the compressors is -10° C while for the heating system is -20° C.

How fast does Coldtainer reach the set temperature?

It depends on the model, the quantity and temperature of the load and the ambient temperature. It is always recommended, whenever possible, to pre-cool the Coldtainer if necessary by connecting it to the mains.

However, it is important to remember that if the product loaded in a Coldtainer is at the right temperature, it will not be increased even if the air temperature is higher in the beginning.

How is the Coldtainer fixed to the vehicle?

The Coldtainer must be fixed to the anchoring points of the van to prevent load movements during driving. Specific anchoring points or fixing kits are available at request.

What certifications are available for Coldtainers?

All Coldtainers are certified according to the European Regulation 10.04 (E11 10R-047587 approval).

The plastic materials used for the containers are in compliance with the Directive 2002/72/EC and subsequent amendments. The products have been designed in compliance with Regulation 852/2004 (HACCP), Annex I, Chapter 4, art. 1 and 7.

And the ATP certification?

Several Coldtainer models have obtained an International ATP Homologation in FRAX or FRCX class.
It is possible to request the issue of the ATP international certificate by the Italian Ministry of Transport (the Italian ATP authority) for the individual Coldtainer. The certificate has a duration of 6 years, renewable.

How to choose the suitable Coldtainer for your needs?

The Coldtainer Centers are able to suggest the best solution in relation to the vehicle to be used and the type of product.

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