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Need a new cargo van and temperature-controlled transport solution for your business operation? Coldtainer has you covered.

Coldtainer USA is set to revolutionize the transportation industry with its latest innovation—a ready-made product featuring a pre-installed Coldtainer unit within a cargo van. This ingenious solution provides businesses with a hassle-free option for transporting temperature-sensitive goods, eliminating the need for complex installations or modifications. With the new Coldtainer-equipped cargo van, customers can confidently transport perishable items while maintaining precise temperature control, ensuring the integrity and freshness of their cargo throughout the journey. This convenient and efficient product is poised to enhance the logistics capabilities of various industries, from food and pharmaceuticals to floral and beyond.


Recently brought to the United States by a group of refrigerated transportation experts with decades of industry and dealership experience, Coldtainer is now poised to transform the U.S. temperature-controlled delivery market. Hot. Refrigerated. Frozen. Accurate real-time monitoring. 100% green. There has never been anything like Coldtainer before.

Our Vision

Coldtainer was founded on a very simple premise – deliver the most technologically advanced temperature-controlled container unit on the market, and make it easy enough to install, use, and afford so any sized businesses, in any industry, can benefit from one.

We understand you have a company to run, and the last thing you need to worry about is whether your desserts are going to arrive at the event at the proper temperature. So give us a call. Our expert staff and technicians can answer any questions you have and point you to the Coldtainer that is right for you.


Coldtainers are constructed as a polyethylene single body during the rotational molding process. This creates a tough, durable container that lasts year after year.

The technology used to manufacture and power the unit are energy efficient and eco-friendly. Less energy consumption means less operational costs.

Coldtainers do not require a van liner install or a refrigerated van build. They are easy to load/unload, allowing the unit to be easily removed from the vehicle.

Cleaning and sanitation are easy. ColdTainer polyethylene containers are made with food and medical safe material, and do not have internal joints or edges.

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