Chipita is one of the largest food groups in Greece, with international presence, focused on baked snacks and croissants (with the famous 7Days brand). In 2017, Chipita finalized the takeover of Nikas, the largest luncheon cured meats producer in Greece.


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Several of the Greece local distributors of Chipita snacks were offered to also distribute Nikas products, so to enlarge their turnover with a new type of products.

The problem to solve was how to properly transport products with two different temperature requirements (Nikas products required refrigerated transport) without heavily investing in new dedicated refrigerated trucks. The solution was the Coldtainer F0720/NDN.

A seven months test was carried in Athens, where the local Chipita distributor has a fleet of Sprinter vans with dry freight light insulation bodies, so to protect the products from extreme summer temperatures. Six Coldtainer F0720/NDN units were procured by Nikas and were daily used on board of the dry freight Sprinters to deliver Nikas refrigerated products to 1600 customers. Operation time is from 7 am to 7 pm, with stops (door opening) about every 20 minutes.

Portable data loggers were used to monitor the internal temperature of the F0720/NDN, showing that the required +6°C (+43°F) was maintained throughout the working time.
On the base of the very positive results of the test, Nikas has purchased 120 of the Coldtainer F0720/NDN, that are now in service all over Greece.

The Coldtainer F0720 is a 190 gallon 12-volt mobile refrigerated container, available in refrigerated only, or refrigerated/frozen models.