CASE STUDY How Coldtainer Revolutionized Pharmaceutical Delivery for Morris & Dickson

“Coldtainer has taken a pipe dream and made it a reality.”

Paul Dickson Jr
C.O.O. Morris & Dickson


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In the world of pharmaceutical distribution, maintaining the integrity of temperature-sensitive medications during transit is critical. Morris & Dickson, a major pharmaceutical wholesaler with over 175 years of experience, faced significant challenges in this area. Traditionally, they relied on simple containers filled with ice to keep medications cool during delivery. However, this method was far from ideal. It resulted in considerable waste, unreliable temperature control, a lack of temperature monitoring, and high labor costs associated with handling the ice.

The Ice Bucket Challenge

For Morris & Dickson, using ice buckets was a logistical nightmare. The method was not only cumbersome but also problematic in ensuring consistent temperature control. Medications that require strict temperature regulation were at risk of fluctuating conditions, potentially compromising their efficacy and safety. Additionally, the ice buckets generated a lot of waste and required extensive labor to prepare and maintain. Employees had to constantly manage the ice, deal with the cleanup, and ensure that the coolers were properly handled, all of which added significant costs and inefficiencies to the delivery process.

Searching for a Better Solution

Determined to find a more reliable and efficient method, Morris & Dickson embarked on a thorough search for alternatives. For more than 2 years, they evaluated numerous options, each promising various benefits, to determine the final specifications and requirements. However, it wasn’t until they discovered Coldtainer and put the units through a comprehensive and grueling testing, configuration, and collaboration process that they found a solution that met all their needs.

Coldtainer’s innovative portable refrigeration units stood out for several reasons. First, the ease of use was unparalleled. Unlike the cumbersome ice buckets, Coldtainer units offered a straightforward, user-friendly design that significantly reduced the labor involved in preparing and managing the coolers. By eliminating the need for ice and reducing labor costs, Morris & Dickson could see a clear return on investment.

Two of the standout features of Coldtainer units is their autonomous and telematic capabilities. These units can operate independently, maintaining precise temperature control without the need for constant monitoring or manual adjustments. This autonomy was crucial for Morris & Dickson, as it ensured consistent temperature maintenance throughout the delivery process. The ability of Coldtainer units to function reliably and independently provided Morris & Dickson with peace of mind, knowing that their sensitive pharmaceutical products were always protected, even during extended transit times. Combined with the reporting features of Coldtainer telematics, Morris & Dickson could track deliveries and guarantee precise temperature control throughout the entire delivery. These features significantly contributed to their decision to choose Coldtainer, highlighting the importance of reliability and efficiency in their operations.

Finally, the effectiveness of Coldtainer units for “final mile” delivery—the critical last leg of the delivery process—was another compelling factor. These units were designed to maintain consistent temperatures even in challenging situations, such as urban settings or routes that require multiple stops. With Coldtainer’s ability to be easily switched in and out of vehicles, rugged construction, and ability to simply plug in and charge, Morris & Dickson found the answer to the challenges they were facing on the final most difficult part of their delivery services.

Embracing the Benefits

Over a two year period, Morris & Dickson expanded from a single trial Coldtainer unit, to a fleet of 200 containers. Since adopting Coldtainer, Morris & Dickson have experienced numerous benefits. The ease of use has been a game-changer. Employees no longer need to deal with the hassle and mess of ice, and the transition between vehicles is seamless thanks to the portable nature of Coldtainer units. This flexibility has streamlined their operations and improved overall efficiency.

Additionally, the absence of ice has eliminated a significant source of waste, aligning with Morris & Dickson’s commitment to environmental sustainability. The cost savings have been evident, with reduced labor costs and no need to purchase ice, contributing to a more efficient and cost-effective delivery process.

Looking to the Future

Morris & Dickson are not just satisfied with their current success; they are also preparing for the future. As regulations around pharmaceutical delivery tighten, particularly with European-style scrutiny and legislation on the horizon, the company is proactively incorporating more Coldtainer units into their supply chain. They recognize the importance of staying ahead of regulatory changes and are working to ensure that their entire supply chain is compliant with the highest standards.

In fact, Morris & Dickson are encouraging their outside vendors to switch to Coldtainer, aiming to create a cohesive and reliable delivery system across their network. The goal is to go national with their operations, introducing even more products and services that Coldtainer will help facilitate. By leveraging Coldtainer’s technology, Morris & Dickson are positioning themselves as leaders in the pharmaceutical distribution industry.

A Partnership Built on Excellence

The success of this transition has been supported not only by the quality of Coldtainer products but also by the exceptional service provided by Coldtainer’s staff and local partner, Tri State Refrigeration of Shreveport, LA. Morris & Dickson have been impressed by the professionalism, expertise, and support they have received throughout the implementation process.

As Paul Dickson Jr, Chief Operations Officer at Morris & Dickson, puts it, “Coldtainer has taken a pipe dream and made it a reality.”


The partnership between Morris & Dickson and Coldtainer exemplifies how innovative technology can revolutionize traditional practices. By addressing the challenges of temperature control, waste, and labor costs, Coldtainer has provided a solution that not only meets current needs but also prepares Morris & Dickson for a future of growth and regulatory compliance. This success story is a testament to the power of collaboration and the pursuit of excellence in pharmaceutical distribution.