CASE STUDY Kool Beans Inc.

Coldtainer gives us the ability to keep expanding our business cost effectively and efficiently. With the portable container for transporting and storing frozen products we were able to open a ballpark concession stand, and at a much lower cost than for a frozen food truck. That’s capital we can use to grow our Italian ice franchises and our catering business for corporate events.

Gregory J. Rhoads, Owner, Kool Beans Inc.


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Kool Beans Inc. is the operator of five Italian ice franchises and the provider of catering services for corporate events in the Lehigh Valley of Pennsylvania. The expanding five-year old company currently has two storefront locations as well as concession operations at area amusement parks and minor league baseball team stadiums.


To provide Italian ice at a baseball park concession stand, Kool Beans required the ability to keep its products frozen without relying on the limited storage available at the stadium or having to invest $25,000 in a frozen food truck.

While using coolers and an SUV to transport frozen products to a growing number of corporate events, the Italian ice franchise operator was also expanding its catering business.


In 2017, Kool Beans purchased a RAM ProMaster cargo van and outfitted the vehicle with a Coldtainer FO915 FDN 32 cu ft front opening container model designed for transporting frozen products down to -6°F.

Coldtainer portable containers are a highly versatile solution for the transportation of perishable goods that require precise temperature control and freeze protection. Available in front opening or top loading models in a range of capacities and with numerous cooling, freezing and heating options, Coldtainers can use battery, shore and solar power sources on vehicles and at facilities to operate on AC or DC power.

Equipped with refrigeration units designed to withstand vibrations related to vehicle use, Coldtainer stand-alone containers are made from highly durable molded polyethylene and food-grade materials, are easy to clean and are in compliance with health and safety standards.

All Coldtainer temperature controlled models feature an integrated battery monitor and a user-friendly digital display to view temperature and status, and for precise temperature set point control. The portable cooling containers also record temperatures and have a mobile Bluetooth capability for downloading data to meet recordkeeping requirements.


At a lower initial cost than $25,000 for a frozen food truck, the Coldtainer unit and cargo van provide Kool Beans with frozen carrying capacity during transit and for storage at its ballpark concession operation. The ability to plug the Coldtainer into standard electrical current at the ballpark and not have the vehicle running also results in cost savings for the company.

Coldtainer technology will also allow Kool Beans to expand its Italian ice catering business for the growing number of corporate and warehouse locations in its territory.