CASE STUDY Ovdamatic

Ovdamatic is an Italian Vending company active in the East of the Lombardia region, with more than 8.000 customers and a fleet of 120 vans. Established in 1974, Ovdamatic has always promoted the consumption of healthy and natural food in vending machines.


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In compliance with the 2010 guidelines of Confida (the Italian vending professional association) about the importance of a balanced diet and healthy lifestyle among youngsters, Ovdamatic has launched its own “Natural Point” project to offer fresh, light, bio, gluten free products through dedicated refrigerated vending machines. The project is dedicated to schools, universities hospitals and large public offices.

To transport fresh products (sandwiches, rolls) from the central cold room to the refrigerated vending machines at the required +4°C (+39°F) temperature, Ovdamatic has had Coldtainer F0140/NDN installed onboard its vans for five years. As of today, Ovdamatic has 90 Coldtainer F0140/NDN models in its fleet.

The Coldtainer F0140 is a 37 gallon 12-volt mobile refrigerated container, available in refrigerated or FRCX refrigerated/frozen versions.