CASE STUDY The Danish Healthcare System

The Danish commercial refrigeration distributor Vibocold has successfully brought Coldtainer’s portable freezers to Denmark’s healthcare system. With the use of Secop’s hermetic compressors which are specifically designed for mobile use, the freezers have turned out to be extremely suitable for transportation of blood samples and other perishable goods.

The combination of new blood sample procedures and stricter regulations on medical transportation has created a demand for cooling solutions with greater precision and greater versatility. The portable freezers from Coldtainer, which are based on innovative Secop compressor technology, have become a big success for Vibocold. So far, Vibocold has distribution in almost every region in Denmark. One of them – the region of Northern Jutland – has already 17 portable freezers in use.


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The decision to move the treatment of blood samples from the general practitioners to a few laboratories has created a need for high quality portable freezers. During transportation from the clinic to the laboratory, the blood must have a constant temperature of 21 degrees Celsius. Otherwise, the risk of delaying the sample or destroying increases. “The portable freezers from Coldtainer prevent this due to an electronic thermostat, constant ventilation and an integrated heater. This keeps the temperature within the range of +/- 1 degree – even under extreme weather conditions”, explains Uffe Nitzschke, Sales Consultant at Vibocold.


A number of things distinguish the portable freezers from Coldtainer from other solutions. “First of all, there is the overall quality of the box. Then there is the rotomoulded cabinet that makes the freezers very durable, hygienic and easy to clean, which is very important when transporting this kind of perishable goods. Moreover, it has had a positive effect on sales that the freezers are easy to mount and very competitive on price”, continues Uffe Nitzschke.


The versatility of the freezers using Secop´s BD80F compressors, which is a result of the close cooperation between Coldtainer and Secop, has also made it easy to create customized solutions and adjustments. “We can mount extra batteries with timer function so the freezers can start up by themselves in good time in the morning. We have also developed solutions with external batteries for small portable freezers used for short distance transportations; i.e. transportation from one department to another in hospitals where the freezers ensure that the cooling chain is not broken on the way. For many of these purposes we mount wireless temperature monitoring, which has become something of a speciality for us,” ends Uffe Nitzschke.