Coldtainer and Skipper Chowder House: Freshness Guaranteed

Posted - May 8, 2023

“Freshness isn’t rocket science. You can’t fool people.”

If you’re looking for the best seafood restaurant in Cape Cod, look no further than Skipper Chowder House. This family-owned and operated restaurant has been serving fresh and delicious seafood since 1936. Their specialty is the award-winning clam chowder, made with tender clams, creamy potatoes, and savory bacon. But whether you want to enjoy lobster rolls, fried clams, fresh Tuna, day boat scallops or fresh swordfish steak, you’ll find something to satisfy your taste buds at Skipper Chowder House.

Owner Alan Delaney knows the key to his restaurant’s success is the freshness and quality of the food they serve. They source their seafood from local fishermen and suppliers who share their passion for excellence. They prepare their dishes daily using only the finest ingredients and the best recipes. They never compromise on flavor or freshness, because they know that’s what their customers deserve. To ensure that their seafood is always fresh and safe, Skipper Chowder House uses Coldtainer, the revolutionary temperature-controlled unit that keeps their fish at the optimal temperature and condition during transportation.

“We use a Coldtainer to transport our fish because nothing is more important to our business than the freshness and safety of our food. And we wanted the peace of mind that comes from having the precise temperature control that Coldtainer provides,” explains Alan. “We visit local fish wholesalers and suppliers every day. And I see other restaurants using simple ice coolers to transport their fish. That’s not good enough for us and it’s not good enough for our customers.”

With Coldtainer, Skipper Chowder House can taste the difference that freshness makes. These revolutionary temperature-controlled units can meet any temperature range or set-point with accuracy and reliability. Easy to use, highly reliable, and cost effective, Coldtainer units can be powered by the vehicle batteries or by simply plugging the unit into a regular outlet. Coldtainer has perfect thermal insulation and low energy consumption, which means it can keep your food at the optimal temperature and condition for longer periods of time. Coldtainer is also versatile and flexible, as it can be easily loaded and unloaded on any standard vehicle. 

“Coldtainer is perfect for us,” Alan continues. “We didn’t want the cost or hassle of investing in a full-size refrigerated truck or van. That would’ve been overkill. We wanted the safety and convenience that come with using our own vehicle. Jason Kyle, Thermo King Northeast Sales Manager, was a fantastic person to partner with. We discussed what we wanted, what we didn’t want, and he came up with the right solution. He knew cost control was extremely important to us. He knew we needed it to be easy-to-use. Thanks to Jason’s help, we had our Coldtainer unit installed within 1 day. We plug it in at night, and it is ready to go the next morning. Easy as that. We take daily trips to our vendors to source out the finest and freshest seafood that Cape Cod and Massachusetts has to offer. The savings of dealing directly with the suppliers pay for the Coldtainer and the vehicle and also helps our bottom line. We couldn’t be happier.”

Coldtainer is proud to partner with Skipper Chowder House and help them achieve their goals of delivering the best seafood in Cape Cod. Coldtainer is the smart and efficient solution for refrigerated transportation needs. Whether it’s for catering, delivery, pharma, logistics, or vending, Coldtainer can meet any temperature range or set-point with accuracy and reliability. Coldtainer is easy to use, highly reliable, and cost effective. It’s the perfect option for any business that needs to transport and store temperature-controlled products.


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