Coldtainer Demo Video

Posted - March 15, 2021

As New Vaccines are Developed, Coldtainer Stands Ready

Posted - December 1, 2020
With the welcome news that multiple vaccines are in development for the Covid-19 pandemic, Coldtainer stands ready to assist any and all Read More

Coldtainer Takes Off in Europe for Vaccine and Pharma Deliveries

Posted - October 19, 2020
As the world prepares to distribute a Covid-19 vaccine that is hopefully coming soon, medical delivery companies in Europe are already Read More

Coldtainer Success Story: Serendipity Farms

Posted - August 25, 2020
For Wendy and Dan Babcock and Serendipity Farms, offering fresh home delivery to their Northern Michigan customers is something that Read More

Coldtainer Introduces New Website

Posted - May 12, 2020
Coldtainer is proud to announce the launch of the new Coldtainer Website Coldtainer is the revolutionary new Read More

Coldtainer F0720 AuO Recognized With Innovation Smart Label Award

Posted - November 11, 2019
Coldtainer makes an impression at top international hospitality trade show Overland Park, KS – November 11, 2019 – The Coldtainer Read More

Solar Panels Improve Coldtainer Battery Life

Posted - September 30, 2019
Thermo King ThermoLite solar panels provide cost and operational benefits to users of Coldtainer portable refrigerated containers Read More

Coldtainer Unveils New Beer Tap System

Posted - August 7, 2019
Coldtainer has unveiled a new product upgrade: a beverage tap system for F0720 models. This option allows a Coldtainer F0720 to be Read More

Coldtainer Hot Meals Line Now Ready to Ship in US

Posted - July 15, 2019
Coldtainer USA now has in-stock inventory of its new product, the HmL line (Hot Meals Line) of food-safe, heated portable containers Read More