Bordenaro Meats Delivers Quality with Coldtainer Units

Posted - February 2, 2024

For the folks in the Carroll, Iowa region, there is no finer place to shop for specialty meat products than Bordenaro’s Meat Market. Since 2017, Bordenaro’s has provided customers with everything from aged steaks and smoked meats, to frozen delicacies and daily lunch. Their meat Snack Sticks, which are made in-house, have become famous in the area with eighteen assorted flavors of delicious beef and pork goodness.

In an industry where freshness is paramount, the journey from the butcher to the customer’s table is critical. Bordenaro Meats understands this. That is why they have recently invested in a Coldtainer FO915/NDN unit to protect and preserve the quality of their products throughout the delivery process. With its precise temperature control, ease-of-use, versatility, and cost-savings, Coldtainer is perfect for medium-sized businesses that are growing and looking to take the next step.

“Bordenaro Meats started with us making brats in the garage for our friends,” reminisces Co-owner Cindy Bordenaro. “My husband and I both had other jobs, but people really seemed to like them. Word of mouth spread, and before you know it, we are making thousands of bratwursts. People kept telling us to open our own store. So, we took our retirement money and did just that.”

Success came quick. Today, Bordenaro’s Meats has multiple locations, a growing customer base, and an ever-increasing menu of delicious items to serve. But the commitment to quality always stays the same. When a customer gets a Bordenaro’s meat delivery, they know they are getting the freshest meats possible.

“We needed a way to transport and deliver our meats,” Cindy explains. “We investigated refrigerated vans, but the cost was too much. And other solutions we tried didn’t work either. We finally were recommended by a friend to look into Coldtainer, and we are glad we did! Our Coldtainer unit is perfect for us. It loads so easily into the back of a truck. We can take it in and out. We never have to worry about temperature or climate control because it is so precise. And it was way more affordable than any of the other options. It really is a game changer for us!”

With Coldtainer, every cut of meat enjoys a carefully controlled climate, guaranteeing that customers receive the freshest, highest-quality product possible. The versatility of Coldtainer units aligns seamlessly with Bordenaro Meats’ commitment to efficiency. Whether it’s a small local delivery or a larger shipment to a rural location, these units accommodate various quantities and sizes of meat, ensuring that every order is met with the same attention to detail and freshness.