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The Benefits of Fresh Frozen Cannabis

Most of today’s extraction processes depend on having the cannabis freshly frozen. Processors making live rosin, hash rosin, live resin, and most exotic hash SKUs must have flower that is frozen right after it comes off the plant. This provides several benefits. Arguably the most important is the ability to preserve the rare, original terpenes found on each strain. This also allows producers to preserve the plant’s flavinoids that only a live plant possesses. Finally removing the need of any drying or curing processes, which can be very time consuming and expensive at large operations, saves both time and money.

An important study demonstrated that when cannabis is frozen at around -4°Fit has the best chance to prevent THC to CBN degradation

Coldtainer allows processors to accurately control the temperature set point to within a single degree

There is no easier way to flash freeze your valuable cannabis product than Coldtainer

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Easy to Transport and Switch Between Vehicles

Coldtainers are standalone units. There’s no need for expensive van liners or conversions. From units that fit in a hatchback car for urban environments, to large cargo and logistics-sized units, each Coldtainer is easy to load, unload, and transport.

Electric, Efficient, and Eco-Friendly

The technology and materials used to manufacture and power Coldtainer units are energy efficient and eco-friendly. What that means is a machine that delivers unparalleled performance yet has low energy consumption and cost of operation. All you have to do is plug it in.

The Versatility You Need

Coldtainers are cost-effective, portable, and convenient. They can operate on AC or DC power. Some models also offer autonomous power, with an internal battery that can keep the unit running for up to 10 hours on a single charge. Coldtainers come in top loading or front opening models, with numerous sizes and options.


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Read How Coldtainer Can Help Your Cannabis Business