Coldtainer Hot Meals Line Now Ready to Ship in US

Posted - July 15, 2019

Coldtainer USA now has in-stock inventory of its new product, the HmL line (Hot Meals Line) of food-safe, heated portable containers for catering and food delivery applications. The Coldtainer Hot Meals line allows for the safe transport and storage of pre-cooked, ready to serve hot food while holding a precise safe temperature ranging from 149°F to 185°F. These autonomous units can be powered via 110 volt AC wall outlet, or will run up to 10 hours on its internal battery.

HmL models will be warehoused in Texas, with quick fulfillment of customer orders. Frozen and refrigerated Coldtainers are also in stock and ready to ship.

The Coldtainer Hot Meals Line is offered in two models, with capacities of 4.94 cubic feet (140 liters) and 11.65 cubic feet (330 liters). The insulated containers hold product to a precise temperature, which is controlled via digital thermometer and displayed on the front of the unit. Inside, special racks can be installed to hold industry standard Gastronorm food pans.

The new HmL containers join the company’s Coldtainer mobile refrigerated containers, a highly versatile and reliable growing solution of choice for the transport of chilled or frozen food among catering operations that produce and serve food using Cook & Chill and/or Cook & Freeze systems. All of the product lines provide flexible and convenient solutions for professionals who have to transport perishable goods, while maintaining health and safety standards.

Coldtainer refrigerated, frozen, and food-safe heated cabinet containers are perfectly suited for storing and transporting food and other temperature-sensitive product. Units are designed for vehicle installation and removal, for seamless transport and serving of food onsite or in the vehicle. Coldtainer is an ideal solution for restaurants, caterers, grocers, wineries, bakeries, breweries, and other operations that need to safely store and transport product at a precise temperature. Accessories like shelving, racks, vehicle installation kits, and roll cart kits are available for Coldtainer models.

For more information on ordering a Coldtainer HmL unit or other model, please contact your local Coldtainer dealer, or email

Download a Coldtainer HmL 140 model spec sheet

Download a Coldtainer HmL 330 model spec sheet