Coldtainer Introduces New Website

Posted - May 12, 2020

Coldtainer is proud to announce the launch of the new Coldtainer Website Coldtainer is the revolutionary new product that is transforming the way businesses deliver and store temperature sensitive goods. Easy-to-use, highly-reliable, and cost effective, Coldtainer is perfect for everything from food delivery to catering to pharma delivery, and offers a great alternative to expensive van conversions and liners. Whether they need to deliver hot, refrigerated, or frozen, businesses all over the world are discovering the incredible value a Coldtainer unit brings to their operations. And this new website makes it easier than ever to find the Coldtainer that is right for them.

Coldtainer has a wide range of products and one of the main goals of the new site is to make it as easy as possible for a viewer to select the exact Coldtainer unit that would meet their needs. Do you know the size van you will use, the temperature range you will operate in, or the envelope of space you have for a refrigerator? There’s a Coldtainer for you. With the custom Coldtainer Configurator, you can simply choose the appropriate inputs and the configurator will provide the units that meet your needs. It could not be easier! We invite you to try the configurator for yourself.

One of the things we wanted to showcase was the tremendous versatility that Coldtainer offers while still speaking to the specific needs of any particular industry. From food delivery, to medical transportation, to logistics, and vending, there are a large number of businesses and industries that can make use of Coldtainer units. In order to explain the benefits that each industry can get from Coldtainer, and to showcase relevant units and models, we’ve created individual industry pages for some of the most obvious markets. Now more than ever, its important for companies of all sizes and in all industries to maximize their return on any investment. The new website makes it clear, that no matter what industry you are in, Coldtainer offers a better more cost-friendly way to operate your temperature transport.

“We’re really excited about the new website,” says Coldtainer General Manager Terry Koerner. “This will make it much easier for customers and dealers to find the Coldtainer unit that is right for them. Plus the website makes very clear to visitors the tremendous advantages, from cost savings, precise temperature control, versatility and sustainability that Coldtainer brings. The team did a great job and we know customers and dealers are going to love the new site.”

Visit to find the Coldtainer that is right for you!