Coldtainer Profiled by Total Food Service

Posted - June 23, 2020

ColdtainerUSA’s Customizable Temperature Controlled Storage Rises To Meet Demand for Increased Food Safety

Temperature regulation is a vital aspect of the food delivery supply chain, and in the wake of COVID-19, with restaurants relying on increasing delivery orders, concerns surrounding food safety will only increase. Coldtainer portable containers are the perfect solution for any business looking to deliver or transport food with precise temperature control while meeting stringent safety standards. ColdtainerUSA’s temperature transport units ensure food is maintained at a specific temperature throughout the entire food delivery process, from point of origin to the last mile.
ColdtainerUSA’s high-end polyurethane insulated rotomolded boxes cater to the needs of all sized businesses: from individual food delivery drivers that require small, portable solutions to logistic companies with a fleet of trucks, ColdtainerUSA has a unit for any temperature and any sized vehicle operation.

The company’s smallest model, which General Manager Terry Koerner referred to as a “Yeti on steroids,” is a mere single cubic foot and can be powered with a cigarette lighter, while their largest models are up to 58 cubic feet and can add temperature control to 53 foot trailers. Coldtainers fit into the back of a vehicle and have little to no cost after purchase because of their low cost of repairs and power requirements compared to other products on the market.

The Coldtainer technology and manufacturing process was first created in 1993 by Euroengel, an Italian temperature-controlled transport company. It quickly became apparent that many industries had a need for the cost-savings that these new boxes provided. For more than 25 years now, Coldtainer has been Europe’s most trusted and reliable producer of easy-to-use, flexible, and eco-friendly refrigerated and heated delivery units. Recently brought to the United States by a group of refrigerated transportation experts with decades of industry and dealership experience, Coldtainer is now poised to transform the U.S. temperature-controlled delivery market.

Koerner, whose position gives him the opportunity to observe temperature regulations globally, believes that the United States will follow the lead of Europe with ramping up US regulations for last mile delivery. “Europe requires regulation of temperature all the way to the end customer,” he explained. “We have an option where you can actually record temps throughout transit and share that data with customers. Most receivers are going to ask you how you’ve maintained temperature.”

“I think over time, you’ll see that temperature regulations are going to get more strenuous,” Koerner continued. “The Food Safety & Modernization Act is a step in this direction. Moving forward, you’ll see crowd sourcing companies like Uber Eats where drivers will need to prove regulated temperature and will need to use something of higher quality than [insulated] bags.”
Unlike their name may suggest, ColdtainerUSA offers products for nearly all storage temperatures, hot or cold. In addition to storage for lower temperatures, the company has products with temperature-controlled storage capabilities for temperatures between 149 and 185 degrees Fahrenheit. These products stand above the competition in that they can actually hold a specific temperature for an extended period of time. The standard base unit plugs into the vehicle power supply, but Coldtainer also offers battery powered units as well as a shore power option. Some of the larger, custom models can stay powered for 24-36 hours.

Overall, there are a wide number of reasons to invest in a Coldtainer unit:

  • Designed to meet all safety and transport requirements for foodstuff delivery.
  • Efficient power options allow you to just plug into the wall and charge.
  • Easily swap units between vehicles.
  • Mobile app allows for precise real-time temperature monitoring
  • Multiple sizes and loading options to fit in any vehicle size.
  • Hot, refrigerated, and frozen units.
  • No internal joints or edges makes cleaning simple and easy.
  • No expensive van conversions or liners required.
  • Single body construction allows for thicker, more robust insulation for precise temperature control.

There is a Coldtainer model for nearly any food service company looking for temperature-controlled storage solutions. If you are interested in learning if Coldtainer is for you, visit their website and explore their product configurator to find the right product for your vehicle. You can also fill out a form on their website or call 877-757-5974 to learn more.