Coldtainer Success Story: Conrad’s Confectionery

Posted - July 23, 2021

Like many restaurants and dessert stores, Conrad’s Confectionery of Westwood, New Jersey was taken by surprise by the Covid-19 pandemic. When the shut-down order came only four weeks before Easter, the business didn’t know whether it was going to be able to survive until things ever returned back to normal. Fortunately, owner JJ Krachtus soon realized even though his customers wouldn’t be able to come into the store, he could still bring the treats and desserts to them. With the investment of a new Coldtainer unit, JJ was able to offer next-day home delivery, not only making it through the pandemic but setting up Conrad’s Confectionery for success long after the trouble is past.

“Covid really drove home the importance of delivery for the future of my business,” JJ explains. “And when it comes to implementing a successful home delivery feature for deserts and frozen treats, the main concern is keeping the product at the proper temperature. If you can’t do that, then there’s no point in offering delivery. Our Coldtainer unit really came through for us. It fits perfectly in the back of our van. It’s got the versatility to switch up between vehicles, and also to run autonomously so we can turn the van off if we need to. And at the price point, it was really a no brainer for me, especially when compared to the cost of a refrigerated van conversion.”

Conrad’s Confectionery first opened its doors as an old-fashioned soda parlor in 1928, and it’s not going anywhere because of some pandemic. It’s been in the family for three generations, making chocolates, delicacies, and home-made ice cream. They are especially known for their famous chocolate Easter bunnies.   

“I learned this business from my grandfather, and he taught me that if you take care of the quality of your product, it will take care of you. My customers know that they are getting the best when they order from us. Whether it comes from our store, or is brought to their doorstep, any treat that comes from Conrads is going to be cold, fresh, and delicious. And Coldtainer is a big reason for that. Coldtainer really helped us during this pandemic, and as we expand our delivery options into same day delivery and additional vehicles, Coldtainer is only going to play a larger part in the business going forward.”