Coldtainer Takes Off in Europe for Vaccine and Pharma Deliveries

Posted - October 19, 2020

As the world prepares to distribute a Covid-19 vaccine that is hopefully coming soon, medical delivery companies in Europe are already using Coldtainer refrigerated units to safely transport and store their valuable medicine and pharmaceutical supplies. With the ability to easily switch between vehicles, operate on normal wall or car 12 volt outlets, and offer rugged and durable perfect temperature control, Coldtainer units provide unprecedented convenience for “final mile” logistics. And with extremely low energy consumption and eco-friendly design, Coldtainer delivers big savings on operational costs, as well. See how these European countries are implementing Coldtainer in their vaccine delivery programs… 


United Kingdom

Delivering over 15 million items per week to more than 14,000 pharmacies and other organizations, AAH is the largest pharmaceutical wholesaler within the UK and operates from 16 modern distribution centers. For over 10 years, AAH UK has relied on Coldtainer mobile refrigerators to daily deliver vaccines all around the United Kingdom.  





The Danish commercial refrigeration distributor- Vibocold- has successfully brought Coldtainer’s portable freezers to Denmark’s healthcare system. Because of new blood sample procedures and stricter regulations, Coldtainer  freezers have turned out to be extremely suitable for transportation of blood samples and other perishable goods.





The NTS (the Slovak National Transfusion Service)  recently adopted  59 Coldtainer mobile professional refrigerators to equip its emergency vans for mobile blood donation.




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