Coldtainer Unveils New Beer Tap System

Posted - August 7, 2019

Coldtainer has unveiled a new product upgrade: a beverage tap system for F0720 models. This option allows a Coldtainer F0720 to be converted into a mobile, self-contained refrigerated beverage server. The Coldtainer beer tap system is perfect for restaurants, breweries, sports facilities, rental houses, beer distributors, festivals, and other applications where beverages need to be stored at a precise temperature.

The Coldtainer beer tap system is compatible with refrigerated F0720 container models, including the autonomous (AuO) F0720 units. The AuO unit allows for 10-15 hours of operation via the onboard battery system; no need for an external power source or generator. Other F0720 units can be powered via 110 volt AC or via 12 volt DC power. The Coldtainer F0720 allows for storing product at a precise temperature with an easy to use control interface on the front of the unit.

With 25 cubic feet capacity, a Coldtainer F0720 can hold up to three half barrels of beer with a three tap system. Smaller keg sizes are also compatible. The beverage tap system is great for serving beer as well as any other beverage that is stored and transported in a keg. Keep beverages optimally chilled and ready to serve no matter the location or ambient temperature. Additionally, flexible power options allow for serving onsite or via a vehicle.

The Coldtainer beer tap system is available as an option on new F0720 purchases. Add-on installs to existing F0720s will also be available through Coldtainer dealers. For more information on this new beverage serving product, download a flyer or contact the Coldtainer USA team at