Portable Cooling Containers Now Available in North America

Posted - December 6, 2018

Coldtainer USA rolls out a new flexible, reliable and cost effective option for temperature-controlled transportation operations

Coldtainer USA, providers of portable containers that can be used for precise temperature control in any transportation application, today announced the availability of a new highly versatile and reliable solution for temperature-controlled transportation.

“Coldtainers are a very flexible and convenient solution for professionals who have to transport perishable goods while still maintaining health and safety standards,” said Terry Koerner, general manager of Coldtainer USA. “The direct expansion refrigerated containers are a portable and cost effective technology for transporting food, medical and pharmaceutical supplies when precise temperature control and freeze protection capabilities are needed.

“Coldtainers are the perfect product for companies that need flexibility,” Koerner added. “They provide options for meeting a variety of logistics needs and for transporting mixed loads at a much lower upfront, operating and maintenance cost than traditional refrigeration units. As a standalone technology, Coldtainers don’t require insulated and outfitted vans or trucks, which also lowers capital costs and improves resale values because non-converted units are more attractive to a wider range of used vehicle buyers.”

Available in front opening or top loading models in a range of capacities and with numerous cooling, freezing and heating options, Coldtainers can use battery, shore and solar power sources on vehicles and at facilities to operate on AC or DC power. Equipped with refrigeration units designed to withstand vibrations related to vehicle use, the stand-alone containers are made from highly durable molded polyethylene and food-grade materials, are easy to clean and are in compliance with health and safety standards.

All Coldtainer temperature controlled container models feature an integrated battery monitor and a user-friendly digital display to view temperature and status, and for precise temperature set point control. The portable cooling containers also record temperatures and have a mobile Bluetooth capability for downloading data to meet recordkeeping requirements.

About Coldtainer USA 
Coldtainer USA is the provider of a portable, versatile, highly reliable and cost effective solution for transporting items that require precise temperature control and freeze protection capabilities for extended periods of time. Coldtainer mobile, stand-alone containersare designed for companies that want flexibility in the transportation and handling of food and other perishable goods. Coldtainers are available in a variety of sizes and run on AC, DC or battery power. Formed in 2018 by a group of industry experts with decades of transportation and dealership experience, Coldtainer USA is headquartered in Overland Park, Kansas. For more information, visit https://coldtainerusa.com

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