Coldtainer Success Story: Serendipity Farms

Posted - August 25, 2020

For Wendy and Dan Babcock and Serendipity Farms, offering fresh home delivery to their Northern Michigan customers is something that helps set them apart from the competition. Using all-organic methods, they raise pastured beef, pork, free-range chicken, turkeys, and fresh eggs. And as the only Northern Michigan farm to be Non-GMO Project Verified, the quality of their products, from farm to home, is of the upmost importance to their business. This commitment to quality is why Serendipity Farms uses a Coldtainer to deliver all their products.

“Our Coldtainer has been absolutely fantastic for us,” says Wendy. “When we do our deliveries, we know and our customers know that they are getting perfectly preserved and fresh meat, fruit, and vegetables. Our competitors are out here trying to use coolers and ice in 95-degree temperatures to deliver poultry and beef. You can’t tell me that’s safe. And so, people come to us because they know our stuff is always refrigerated. The Coldtainer is absolutely a difference-maker for us.”

Serendipity Farms services a 50 square mile territory and makes between 30 and 80 deliveries a week depending on the season. They have teamed up with several other local farms that share their values to offer a broad array of delicious delivery options. Their Coldtainer is tasked with cooling everything from meats and vegetables, to jams, to fresh dairy products. Being able to accurately adjust the temperature settings depending on the delivery is perfect for their needs.

“When we started this business in 2014, we knew that home delivery was something we wanted to provide,” Wendy explains. “And after doing our research, there really wasn’t any other option for us but Coldtainer. We knew we didn’t want the long-term burden of buying a van and converting it for refrigeration. And with the rural areas and customers we would be delivering to, we didn’t know if a van was really going to work anyways. It had to be something that was portable because it had to fit on our 4-wheel drive truck. It had to be dependable because were a starting business and we were counting on it. And it had to be versatile since we would be delivering so many different types of things. I can say with complete honesty, we’re very lucky we found Coldtainer because it is all those things and more. And pretty soon we are going to see how it delivers ice cream!”

For many small businesses like Serendipity Farms, Coldtainer is the ideal solution for delivering and storing of temperature-sensitive items. Offering perfect thermal insulation with tremendous ease-of use, Coldtainer has been specifically designed to meet the needs of produce deliverers, caterers, restaurants, farms, and other food service businesses. Visit to discover if Coldtainer is right for you and your business!